I plan to to have my parents visit me this following Febuary.

Typically, Non-citizen need to have VISA to enter the US. To get VISA, we need to apply.

Visitor Visa Official Guide

According to the guide, the overall procedure will be: find the VISA type one needs to apply for; file online application; schedule an interview; pay application fee ;gather required document; attend the interview and finally get the VISA.


My parents are visiting me, so they fit int to the category of B-2 (visit with friends and relatives).

Online Application

It is the Form DS-160 you need to file out online.

Interview Schedule

Once online application is done, it is time to schedule an interview.

This is done through some paid phone call service.

Gather Required Documentation

All the document have the same goal: prove that VISA applicants is totally just traveling so they have strong bonds back at home.

Can have three main groups:

  1. Document from VISA applicant.
    • 证件、确认信、预约信、工作收入证明、职称证、简历、旅游行程表
    • certificates, confirmation letter, appointment letter, proof of income, resume etc.
  2. Document from the subject applicant is visiting. ( which is me )
    • 护照签证复印件、I-20复印件、邀请信、成绩单、学习简历
    • Copy of VISA, copy of I-20, invitation letter, grades, resume etc.
  3. Document about the relation of above two.
    • 存折、银行对帐单、存款证明、房产证、车证、户口本、结婚证、全家福照片
    • Saving/checking account, car title letter, house property ownership certificate etc.

Attend the interview

Show up on time, be aware of possible queues at the US ambassador.